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Performance Schedule

Estevan Corrales

Estevan Corrales Folk Music 10am Raised on the outskirts of the small border town of Nogales, AZ singer song writer Estevan Corrales seamlessly blends the sounds and flavors of classic country, soul, and reggae to create a deep and rich sound all his own.

Will Tucker

Will Tucker Emcee and Host - Times Vary Founder of WTF! (Will Tucker Fitness), Creator of the WTF! Method™ and Four-Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Will Tucker is a highly sought after speaker and wellness coach. The 47-year-old Mesa, AZ fitness guru has been rightfully dubbed America’s Vegan Trainer™ for his remarkable ability to improve people’s health and vitality by incorporating plant-based nutrition combined with functional exercise.

DJ T-Shep

DJ T-Shep - Outside Patio 10am-2pm From Greensboro, NC. T-Shep is not just a DJ, but a hip-hop artist and entrepreneur. Her Name Tasha Sheppard which is what T-Shep stands for is also an acronym TO SUPPORT HEAL AND EMPOWER OUR PEOPLE! With djing, rapping, t-shirt and other miscellaneous printing for clients T-Shep displays her purpose through her works, by always putting some element in her acronym in the creative process.

Latoya Beverly

Latoya Beverly Healthy Cleaning Products 10:45am Latoya Beverly, is a previous Respiratory Therapist Practitioner, turned mom and sustainable advocate with over 16 plus years of healthcare experience. Latoya will be address non-toxic chemicals, scientific researched & patented approved products that are available to your melanin benefit. Latoya runs a full-time sustainable marketing agency, helping to educate the masses.

Shannon Love

Shannon Love Conscious Poetry/Dance 11:40am Shannon Love is a Arizona based fashion model & content creator. She strives to create meaningful art. As well as educate the population on fashion, self-love, dance, & health. Shannon’s mission is to spread love by showing people how to embody positivity and authenticity.

LaNita Nash

LaNita Nash Conscious Poetry/Dance 11:40am La Nita Nash is a mother and plant lover that believes the colors of the rainbow guide us to how life should be; diverse, interdependent and nourishing. She is an author, podcaster and is currently unschooling her 3 young children in Phoenix Arizona.

Dr. Shannon Treen Naturopathic Medicine 12:05pm Dr. Shannon Treen is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with nearly a decade of clinical experience helping people and practitioners interested in a holistic lifestyle find their optimal health and performance through plant based nutrition, detoxification, fitness, and Aesthetic Medicine. Shannon will discuss how Naturopathic medicine may be the best option for African Americans.

Ansel Joseph

Ansel Joseph Steel Pan Band 12:55pm Ansel Joseph has been learning to make Steel Pan since he was a little boy. He was born and raised in Trinidad. He has traveled the world teaching and playing pan. Most recently he has become a teacher at ASU.

John Lewis - Dad's Panel 1:40pm

John Lewis Dad's Panel 1:40pm As a well renowned fitness expert, John Lewis has spent over 2 decades in the health and fitness industry. John is now directing his first feature length documentary focused on food and social justice with the maker of the award winning “What The Health” to create their joint venture “Hungry for Justice."

Ethan Ellisor - Dad's Panel 1:40pm

Ethan Ellisor Dad's Panel 1:40pm Ethan is a single dad, plant based personal trainer and business owner over at Destroy and Rebuild Fitness.

Marlon Rison - Dad's Panel 1:40pm

Marlon Rison Dad's Panel 1:40pm Marion Rison is 46 years young & vegan of 2+ years (lost over 150lbs). He is an animal rights activist, amateur vegan chef and surveyor of all good vegan restaurants. He works in the radio entertainment industry while also personal training on the side a passion of his.

Grant Sing - Dad's Panel 1:40pm

Grant Sing Dad's Panel 1:40pm Conscious Soul 2:25pm Grant L. Singleton-EL, better known as Grant Sing is a consci-soul singer. Through his music and community efforts he promotes love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice for all. Grant's journey has lead him to become vegan for almost 5 years and meat free for almost 10.

Samar Kennedy

Samar Kennedy How I Healed Myself: Endometriosis 2:45pm Samar used to suffer from chronic endometriosis. Through a plant based lifestyle, herbal support, fasting, breath work and yoga, she naturally healed herself.

Derrick Arizona Washington

Derrick Arizona Washington - Outside Patio 2:30pm - 5pm Director of Operations at Barbers without Borders. Brand Ambassador at Art Battle. DJ Extraordinaire.

Keith Johnson - 3:20pm

Keith Johnson African Drums 3:20pm Keith Johnson is an artist with Arizona Arts Council for over 20 yrs. He has performed all over the world including Munich Germany, Budapest Hungary, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama City, Panama.

Shadae Bowen

Shadae Bowen Natural Birth and Womb Health Panel 3:50pm Shadae Bowen is a plant based herbalist, holistic health coach (specializing in womb, reproductive, and menstrual health). She is also a business mentor for entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

Chamica Dennis

Chamica Dennis Natural Birth and Womb Health Panel 3:50pm When Chamica rediscovered her sensuality and her sexuality, she found herself. Chamica has been called to an indigenous and eastern holistic approach of treating the whole person and the importance of women's health. It was then that Monarch Zen Healing Arts was created and she began sharing her medicine with the world. It is now her passion and purpose to facilitate other women in reclaiming their body sovereignty.

Fatima Muhammad

Fatima Muhammad Natural Birth & Womb Health Panel 3:50pm Fatima Muhammad Roque, MPH became a birthworker over 21 years ago when she attended the birth of her first nephew in Tucson, Arizona. Being one of very few Doula’s of color in the state at that time, she was later hired by the Phoenix Birthing Project Community Based Doula Training program and address high infant mortality rates in the African American Community.

Kelsey Domiana

Kelsey Domiana Conscious Parenting Panel 4:30pm Kelsey is an intuitive lifestyle coach and yoga instructor who helps women struggling to balance raising a family, being a supportive wife, and showing up for themselves. She aims to inspire, uplift and support other women on their journey, bringing warmth, safety and a welcoming vibe to all.

Jacque Salomon Conscious Parenting Panel 4:30pm She is a Certified World Peace Diet Facilitator, a Certified Climate Healer, a Certified HNLP Level I Coach, and a Certified Coach Practitioner in Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Method. She is cofounder of Seeds to Inspire 501 (C)(3). Her intention is to preserve the psycho-spiritual health of children by facilitating the healing of each ecosystem in which a child develops.

Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph Conscious Parenting Panel 4:30pm Elizabeth Joseph is owner and CEO of Be More Raw LLC, Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Colon Hydrotherapist, Author and Founder and Organizer of Melanin Moms Natural Expo. She's a busy single mom who is passionate about health and holistic living. Elizabeth specializes in Blood Sugar Management, gut and skin health, and weight loss.

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