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5th Annual Expo

Performers & Speakers

Sister Arian Nicole

Sister Arian Nicole 2:15pm Outdoor Stage Arian Nicole is a lyricist and composer who fell in love with the power of sound at an early age. Moved by the conscious driven lyricism of icons such as Rakim, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire, Arian Nicole narrates the sojourn of Black America combining soulful production with her unique choral tone.

The World Famous Grant Sing

Grant Sing 1:15pm Outdoor stage Grant Sing is a sultry singer/song writer with an undeniable stage presence. Next to performing and creating music GRANT SING's biggest love and inspiration is his daughter "Zyahna". Grant is also unique in his musical approach as he composes songs aimed to illuminate the minds of others, advocating love and unity. When he's not focused on his artistry or his daughter, he is fulfilling his passion by operating his newly opened food truck, SoFully Vegan.

Rissa Vibes

Rissa Vibes 12:40pm Outdoor Stage Rissa Vibes is a plant based, conscious artist and intuitive who is bringing a new and refreshing energy to the music industry with her lyrics promoting spiritual awareness, positive expansion of self, and all-around good Vibes! The inspiring messages of her music teach us to do the same by trusting our intuition, eating clean, releasing fear, and believing in the reality of our dreams!

June Ama Nzinga White

June Ama Nzinga White Cannabis as Medicine 1:00pm Indoor Stage June Ama Nzinga White is one of the founding Board Members, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a local nonprofit called THINKers, Inc. She owns Healing Hands Oasis Wellness Center & Apothecary, LLC. June Ama Nzinga White has a passion for healing trauma through alternative energetic healing practices. She is a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, Herbalist, and creator of Total Body Corrective Therapist.

Dr Pamela Vaden

Dr Pamela Vaden Naturopathic Medicine & Live Hypnosis 12:00pm & 1:45pm Indoor Stage Dr Pamela Vaden is a True renaissance woman. She reversed her cervical cancer after receiving multiple hpv vaccines. She's a naturopathic medical doctor, hypo-therapist and stand up comedian. She specializes in addiction and mental health.

DJ1period DJ Times Vary Outdoor Stage Sam is the business owner of BEMOR LLC, offering CPR certification and other healthcare trainings and The Illest Period LLC (DJ 1period), offering DJ and event services. Being plant based for 4 years, compassion and customer service are central to Samuel's work ethic. Whether teaching life saving skills or making people happy with music, the primary goal is a high quality and memorable experience for everyone that he works with.

Donnell Jackson - The Coughee Company

Donnell Jackson Host & Emcee / Cannabis Panel Times Vary / 1:00pm Outdoor Stage Founder & Co-Founder of 3 different non-profits including Black Cannabis Culture, In Root and Blacks On Greens. He also owns The Coughee Company; an organic, CBD, plant based coffee company. Donnell has been plant based for over 3 years. When he's not fasting daily and supporting local, black owned business, he plays soccer and is extremely active in Social Equity and Cannabis Justice issues.

Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth Joseph Naturopathic Medicine 12:00pm Indoor Stage Elizabeth Joseph owns Be More Raw & Be More Clean: Colon Hydrotherapy and is the Founder of the Melanin Natural Expo. She spent the past decade working in Alternative Medicine with Naturopathic Doctors at Retreat Centers and Detox Centers helping other reverse chronic illness including cancer, heart disease & more. She has been plant based since 2014 and specializes in Diabetes Reversal, gut health, weight loss and organic living.

Asr the Ganja Guide

Asr the Ganja Guide Cannabis as Medicine 1:00pm Indoor Stage Asr is a health and wellness advocate for the underserved and underutilized community. As a Certified cannabis care professional for over 10 years, Asr is dedicated to providing practical and useful education on cannabis product, uses and the relationship between cannabis and the human body.

Sharitta Marshall Founder of Her Divine Alchemy

Sharitta Marshall Cannabis as Medicine 1:00pm Indoor Stage During her quest to find an alternative to dealing with her migraines, she discovered the power of CBD. She wanted to use this powerful plant as a way for black women to tap into their own powerful magical selves. Sharitta Marshall started Her Divine Alchemy after learning about the power of cannabis and how it’s been miseducated (racially) and not properly incorporated into our everyday health regime.

Ansel Joseph Steel Pan Band 11:00am Outdoor Stage Born and raised in Trinidad, Ansel has been learning to make Steel Pan since he was a child. He has traveled the world teaching and playing pan. Ansel gave up most meat and dairy at 69 years old, due to heart disease and it saved his life. "For the past 12 years or so I have been modifying my diet one step at a time towards vegan...thanks in large part to my daughter, Elizabeth Joseph."

Sarrah Davis

Sarrah Davis Natural Birth & Breastfeeding 3:00pm Indoor Stage CEO of Inspirit Inc., a conscious-based holistic health and wellness organization offering full spectrum doula services, ayurvedic wellness consulting, therapeutic asana yoga, pranayama and meditation instruction.

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